Sunday, January 22, 2012

Switched! TJ and the Time Stumblers Series by Bill Myers

In the fifth book in the TJ and the Time Stumblers Series, Tuna, Herby and TJ are at it again!  While this is a book about forgiveness, the message gets diluted by the action and antics of the's there, you just really  have to look for it. Tuna and Herby are still making repairs to their crazy futuristic gadgets and there is still a glitch in their Thought Broadcaster Pen - this time it lands in the hands of Hesper Breakahart, TJ's nemesis!  Things get a little crazy when Tuna and Herby give TJ a new look and try to use her new "superstar" power to use.  Because of a mix up, "Hesper" performs a diversionary concert so that Tuna and Herby can sneak on to a nuclear sub to get a plutonium power pack in order to fuel their time will also get them out of TJ's life.  Bruce Bruiseabone, Tuna and Herby's nemesis, is still having trouble with forgiveness. Will Bruce ever see the light?  TJ also needs to learn this...maybe the walk in Hesper's shoes and body will be just what she needs to learn the lesson.

The characters that Bill Myers brings to life in this series are crazy - in a good-natured, funny kind of way.  Their antics are funny and keep the adventures humorous.  This is a quick, easy read.  While it's a book that most children would enjoy, it's is probably way to easy for any seasoned reader - I've been reading on my own since I was 3 years old; I'm now almost 14 - so it held no real challenge.  I would suggest this book for kids 10 and under.

Thanks Tyndale for the free copy of this book for my review.

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