Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Princess Stories by Carolyn Larsen

I help teach Sunday school classes to children ages 4 - 8 and this will be an awesome book to share with the children from time to time.  Yes, it's basically geared to girls, but I think all children will benefit from learning about these 29 amazing women from the bible.  In each of these short, 4 page stories, children get a rhyming style of writing that tells them about each "princess" in the first person - which will definitely hold a child's attention.  I'm excited to begin using this material on my next teaching Sunday!  Special thanks to Tyndale for the complimentary copy of this book for my review.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Departures by Robin Jones Gunn

Departures by Robin Jones Gunn is the first book by this author that I've ever read.  The book contains two slightly overlapping stories that take place one summer when Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen take vacation trips.  Christy  and her family are travelling to Wisconsin to see her grandparents for their 50th anniversary.  While there, Christy runs into an old crush and she sees what life could have been if she'd never moved.  Meanwhile, Sierra, is taking a trip with her friend's family to Montana.  On the way, they have to deal with cancelled flights, the Mall of America (I've actually been there, so it was neat to be familiar with it!) and Sierra knocking out a security guard (I never did that though!).  Sierra finds out on this trip that her friend is blossoming faster than she is and it leaves Sierra wondering.

Both of the girls in these stories are great role models for young girls and they are helpful in showing us young ladies, how to develop a plan for how to respond in certain situations.  These characters and their values really captured my attention.  I'm sure that all my friends, especially my church buds, will love this book because it will help them all stay focused on God as we blossom into young ladies.  I plan on sharing it with them.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for sending me this book in exchange for my review!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Living Close to God (When You're Not Good at It) by Gene Edwards

It was interesting to find out that sometimes praying can be a barrier instead of a bridge to God because we get too occupied with our worries or fears or any number of other obstacles that take our eyes off God.  In this book the author encourages readers to really fix their minds on God and how to grow closer to God by worshipping and praising Him, as well as using His word in our prayers.  The author shares many of his own past struggles and shows small things we each can do to have a better, closer walk with God.  This book was good and not over my head as a 13 year old.  I decided to read this book because I have started taking Bible College classes to learn more about God, the Bible and to draw myself closer in my relationship to God.  If I can read this, understand it and put it into practice...any one can!
Thanks Blogging for Books for giving me this free copy to review :)

Oops! by Bill Myers

The characters in this story by Bill Myers are quite as comical as the unique names, which I found to "tickle your funny bone".  The story was a little hard to get into, being that I had not read the first two stories in this series, but I was able to catch onto it rather quickly.  Thelma Jean (T.J. for short) seems to be your average, awkward teen-age, but there is something even more awkward about her...she's the focus of a history report for two "futuristic" characters who are following her around doing research...and getting her into some pretty awkward situations.  T.J. is just hoping that her life will return to normal...but it's easy to see, that's not going to happen...for quite some time!  At the end of this adventure of T.J. and the Time Stumblers is a preview to the next episode in her adventures...and it looks like more chaos is in store.  Oops is the third story in the T.J. and the Time Stumblers series.  This is a laugh-out-loud series for any young reader!

I wish to thank Tyndale Publishers for the free copy of this book for my review :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul

DragonSpell is the first novel in a 5 book series by Donita K. Paul called the "Dragonkeeper Chronicles".

Kale, a young slave girl orphaned at an early age, lives in a village where the only things expected of her are obedience and hard work. Her life is changed drastically when she finds a dragon egg. She is sent to deliver the egg to The Hall in Vendela and there she is also to be trained for service to Paladin.
I had checked other reviews before deciding on whether to read this book, and all the reviews were good, but I expected this book to be better than it was.  For me, it just didn't hold my attention.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group does not require a positive review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"In Between" by Jenny B. Jones

Wow! This is my first ever book review. I hope I do the book justice.  Today I'm writing my review on "In Between" by Jenny B. Jones.  Enjoy!

Sixteen year old Katie Parker, is being sent from the Sunny Haven Home for Girls, to yet another foster home.  Katie's not sure this is a good idea.  She's sure she'll be sent back to the state owned girls home before she even has a chance to feel 'at home'.  She's unsure of a lot of things: her new foster parents (James & Millie Scott), her new town (In Between), her new school (In Between High - home of the Fighting Chihuahua's), her new friends (Angel, who turns out to not really be a friend, and Frances Vega, who seems to be everything that Katie is not), church and God, but most of all her new foster grandmother (Mad Maxine).  Katie does fall in with some questionable kids at school, which causes some heart-ache for her.  As she tries to make amends for her error, she and Frances do start hanging out together more.  Katie's introduced to the church's Target Teen youth group, which while still unsure of her beliefs, she does find many of the things Youth Pastor Mike talks about hit her mind and heart...for the good.  After spending more time with Mad Maxine, things really begin to change for Katie. This was my first time reading anything by Jenny B. Jones, but it will by no means be my last. Bravo, Jenny B. Jones, well done!

I received this book free from NavPress Publishers as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

As promised, here's a picture of one clumsy penguin:

What Do You Get When You Make Poultry Mad?

Fried chicken! LOL! But, if you're Harry Potter, you can just zap the chicken with your wand. Sweet!!!

Todays topic is Club Penguin. Why Club Penguin? Because I've been dying to show somebody the picture I edited from there, that's why. LOL, here it is:
Pretty much, that's what happens when Club Penguin joins Wipeout. I have more pics like this, but I'll save them for some other time. Next time, I think I'll show you one clumsy penguin.

Peace, Love, Jonas